Immersive & Personal

Join our experienced hosts for an unforgettable night of paranormal exploration.  


Ever asked yourself, "Is that real?"

Investigate haunted locations to decide for yourself.

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Ghost Hunt Events

When it comes to the afterlife, there are two types of people:

Those who are fearful or have doubt - and those who immerse themselves in the most haunted locations.

A select group of brave souls attempt to answer the age-old question...what happens after we die.

Learn the history of the location and what types of paranormal activity are taking place.

Exclusive access to the property

Use ghost hunting equipment we provide (or bring your own)

Limited tickets and small groups for the most authentic experience possible

Investigate on your own or have your hosts join you to assist with equipment

Locations & Dates

Overnight event dates are regularly added throughout the year.  Some locations may not have availability during certain times of the year.